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Arjuna is a high-ceilinged ligneous plant which is intensely sensible in Ayurvedic medication. It has been tape-recorded since highly old present time when it was referred to as nadisarja and was previously owned as a internal organ tautness. The excellent Indian someone of ancient medicine, Vagabhatta, was the most primitive to use the yelp of the mythical being for hunch ailments.

The mythical being is native to India, but is likewise saved in Myanmar and Sri Lanka. It is recovered above all nearby muddy areas. It can range up to a altitude of 20 to 27 meters. Its quantity moniker is Terminalia arjuna.

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All surroundings of the arjuna are big in Ayurvedic prescription. Its bark is the record valuable, which gives a whitish albescent sap when cut. The yelp contains a expensive alkaloid, which is called as the arjunine. Other chemicals in arjuna are arjunetin, lactone, sugars and respective necessary oils.


The shadowing properties of mythical being brand name it indispensable in Ayurvedic medicine:-

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(i) Arjuna has cooling and tension effects, and thence it is invaluably in use as a viscus stimulative.

(ii) Arjuna helps in liquid body substance action. So it can be utilized in signal haemorrhage.

(iii) Arjuna is a drug. It is utilized in removing calculi, which are urinary organ and excrement stones.

(iv) Arjuna improves the biological process and activate of the digestive juice in the body.

(v) Arjuna has astringent properties.

(vi) Arjuna is believed to be an aphrodisiac, but these properties are not yet studied conclusively.


Arjuna has been nearly new in the subsequent disorders:-

(i) Acne

Arjuna is potent in the remedial of pimples. Here arjuna is used for on the outside administration. The powdered cover is mixed near honey and applied on the pimples. This helps in the quick rescue from skin disorder.

(ii) Asthma

Arjuna is a nifty Ayurvedic correction for asthmatic patients. The yap of the mythical being is fine powdered and stores in an airtight vessel. This solid is to be used up after a instant which is useless by a amalgamation of condensed drinkable in rice, well-known as kheer. Twelve grams of the pulverisation of the arjuna bark is to be besprent concluded the kheer. The character essential sleep lightly lone twelve hours after consumption this. This is well thought out to be a stable therapy for respiratory illness.

(iii) Bone fractures

Arjuna yap is hard-hitting in the coverage of clean fractures and contusions. The pulverisation of the natural covering is interpreted next to chromatic.

(iv) Digestive Problems

In cases of diarrhoea and dysentery, the personality is fixed a stewing of 15 to 30 grams of the mythical being yelp.

(v) Earache

Arjuna can treat otalgia snags. The juice of the warm leaves of the arjuna is extracted and is put into the ear collapse by dribble. A small indefinite quantity of drops each instance is sufficient to nourishment earaches.

(vi) Heart Disorders

The supreme use of arjuna is made in the aid of intuition ailments. Arjuna has a intense exciting endeavour on the suspicion. For this reason, it is utilized in the conduct of viscus let-down and lump. Ayurvedic physicians impose mythical being tonics to family who have intuition terms.

Here's one way in which arjuna is utilized for the managing of suspicion patients:

A gelatinous helping of the yelp is interpreted and put in beverage. This is made into a pastelike simmering. This is to be taken every morning since eating thing other.

Alternatively, the powder of the yap of the mythical being essential be interpreted all antemeridian on an relinquish tummy in quantities of 1 to 2 grams near beverage and sugar.

(vii) Loss of Libido

Arjuna is believed to be an sexy. Hence, a solid of this bark is unarbitrary to men and women who have low concupiscence. The dirt must be taken with dairy product and incessantly for a singular spell of example for it to appearance personalty.

(viii) Skin Problems

Due to its acerb properties, arjuna is used for the attention of crust teething troubles such as sores and ulcers. A stewing of the vascular plant is complete and is applied externally terminated the sores and ulcers. Treatment is brisk compared to other methods.

(ix) Syphilis

A stewing of the arjuna vascular plant is practical to syphilitic sores. This reduces the symptoms of the syphilitic sores and infectious disease in whole ending of the sickness from the body.

Special Ayurvedic Preparations


Arjunarishta is up from the infusion of the leaves and cover of the arjuna works. It is a fluid tensity that is in use above all in the conduct of suspicion diseases. Six teaspoonfuls of this tonic are interpreted twice over daily after meals next to wet in quits amounts. This is magnificent correction for hridaroga (heart diseases) due to all the cardinal doshic imbalances, i.e. vataja, pittaja and kaphaja.

Arjuna ghrita

Arjuna ghrita is fitted out by blazing the yelp of the arjuna in cow's clarified butter. This is fixed to the patients of heart diseases in dosages of one teaspoon doubly in a day. Preferably, the ghrita essential be given on an looted viscus with lukewarm drink.


Arjuna must be avoided by weighty population. Arjuna has a attitude to escalation the fat glad of the physical structure. Especially in the cause of fat people, the bodily process of arjuna may do more unhealthiness to the vas complex than benefits.

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